Valve Cover Replacement

A valve is what covers your vehicle’s filter, and without replacing it, your filter will get rusty, clogged, or worst scenario, it’ll break. In order to stay away from these issues, it is best to replace your vehicle’s valve as often as possible. By doing so, your engine will run properly because it will prevent any freezing or seizing. If you’re having trouble finding where to get this done, look no further. Bimmer Plus will be able to replace your vehicle’s valve cover whenever deemed necessary, and guaranteed it will be done the right way.

Every modern car has a PCU system. Most BMW’s produced from 2007 model years to the present have the PCU built into the valve cover. So here st Bimmer Plus it has become a common practice if your vehicle’s valve cover gasket is leaking. Chances are we are going to recommend a valve cover replacement. Valve cover replacement Varies from $680-$800. Prices will vary depending on the model.